Date Night With Datebox Part 2

I am so excited to share with you my photos, thoughts and opinions of the activities included in March’s Datebox.  On my prior post Date Night With Datebox, I gave you a glimpse of what was inside March’s Datebox.  Here is how the date itself played out.

Part One of the Datebox was to make cake pops. The creators of Datebox must have known that the way to my heart is through my stomach because sweets are definitely my weakness!  They gave you a bag with the mix, three containers of frosting, a bag of rainbow sprinkles, and nine cake pop sticks.  They even included simple step-by-step directions on what to do to make the cake pops, which was fortunate because Collin, my boyfriend, has many talents,  baking not being one of them.

The first step was to pour the batter into a ten inch cake pan.  I started digging through my cabinets to find a cake pan, and I seemed to find everything but.  I ran upstairs to check the attic to see if I had anything stashed away and came across a heart cake pan left over from Valentine’s Day.  I thought to myself that this would have to work, but as I poured the batter into the pan and looked over at Collin I realize how ironically fitting the heart shape pan was for date night.  It is funny how sometimes the best things in life often are the unexpected ones.

IMG_7785The next step was to bake the batter for 25-30 minutes, but did not mention what temperature to bake the batter at.  Thinking I missed something I read and re-read the directions.  I dug through the box, took everything out and put it back in two, three times.  To my dismay, there was no direction for what temperature to bake the cake at.  I made a gamble and baked it at 350 degrees, because that is what I bake most cakes and cupcakes at.  I set the timer for 20 minutes and crossed my fingers.  After 25 minutes the batter looked done.  I should have played the lottery that night because thankfully it turned out.

IMG_7788Afterwards it said to break up the cake into small pieces and mix in one container of the frosting.  This was the fun part because the batter was finger licking good!IMG_7797Then it instructed you to use a tablespoon to make six to eight balls of the cake/frosting mixture.  Being a cake pop lover I was disappointed the batter only made six balls.  I do not know how they would have gotten eight cake pops out of the amount of batter, unless they were extremely small.  Sometimes size does matter!IMG_7798Next was to put a small amount of frosting on the tip of the sticks and put them into the cake/frosting balls.  Then refrigerate them for  five minutes to allow them to solidify.  After the five minutes I took them out, picked up a cake pop and it fell off the stick and onto the floor.  I suddenly had a flashback to grade school singing On Top of Old Smokey, “..rolled off the table, and onto the floor, and then my poor cake pop, rolled out of the door“.  We decided to put them in the freezer for an hour since they were not solidified, trying to prevent a repeat of the cake pop falling onto the floor and having to reminisce on my glory days in chorus.IMG_7800Now was the fun part, decorating!  We used the remaining frosting and sprinkles to decorate them.  As you can see there was not enough frosting to cover the six cake pops, which was a definite let down.  I would have liked more frosting so that we would have been able to completely cover them because let’s be honest, frosting is the best part!  I even contemplated running out to the store to pick up more but decided to make do with what we had. IMG_1961Here is a photo of Collin and my cake pop.  Can you tell whose is whose?  (The nail polish on my nails might give my hand away.)IMG_1962Regardless of not having a round cake pan, lack of temperature in the directions and a stingy amount of frosting, they were still delicious. IMG_1965As you can see, Collin approves.

Part two of the DateBox was painting canvases.  This reminded me of the new growing trend of adult coloring books and the philosophy that they have calming effects.  They provided you with two canvas boards, two different style paint brushes, a tablecloth, roll of masking tape and a pack of 12 acrylic paints.  They even created a video to give you inspiration on options of things you can paint with your partner to prevent painter’s block.  Collin elected to do a landscaping scene and I chose to do word art.



We both did in fact find the painting to be relaxing and calming as well as a great opportunity to bond and create something together; despite the fact that we had to wrestle over the different types of paint brushes they included.  We find that rock, papers, scissors is the best way to resolve any disagreement.

All in all, Collin and I decided to continue our Datebox subscription.  While we would have liked more frosting and a bit more detailed instructions, the pros outweighed the cons. This was definitely a different, creative date night that really brought us closer together.



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