Transformation Into Super Woman

IMG_6485IMG_6476IMG_6459IMG_6501IMG_64481. DRESS: Forever 21 || 2. SHOES: Nine West || 3. BRACELET: Express, Charming Charlie, NADRI and NADRI


You ever have a day where you wake up early, say 7am to go to work, busy as usual and then afterwards you have about five hours to do 539 things?  Yeah, that is called my entire work week.  Oh, and I am training for a triathlon, like I needed anything else to occupy my time.  I feel like a walking transformer, scrubs and stethoscope by day, morphed into chic fashionista to run errands, find the nearest phone booth to switch into gym clothes and finally find my swimming cap for those pesky 50 laps I need to swim according to my triathlon training booklet.  Being a transformer leaves you feeling quite accomplished some days, but others I feel like I could just have a solo outfit to fit everything I did.  Scrubs to the bar or out to run errands?  Unfortunately, I do not see this trend catching on anytime soon, but luckily I have found one little secret to make my life less like Optimums Prime and more like Super Woman.  It came in the form of a $30 dress from Forever 21.  Like a gift from Glinda, the good witch of the North, this dress found its way from those cluttered racks to my outstretched arms.  From the looks of it you may just see a simple dress, but I saw it transform from wedding dress, bridal shower, bachelorette party or a night on the town!  The options were endless and my race to the nearest checkout counter would have beat out Usain Blot at the rate I was running.  Dressing this crochet dress up or down will provide just the right looks for this coming wedding season allowing me to kick the transformer lifestyle to the curb and feel like that girl with the S on her chest.  Quick question, does Super Woman drink?  Cause I will be having a vodka club this wedding season.


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