Raving About Rompers


  1. ROMPER: Midnight Envy Playsuit in White Lace || 2. HEELS: STEVEN by Steve Madden Rykie Mint Green Heels || 3. CLUTCH: Jazzd Croco Clutch (on sale for $18) || 4. BRACELET: Express Pave Diamond Hook Bangle Bracelet ||

Loving fashion has a light side and dark side.  Gesh I am starting to sound like my Star Wars loving boyfriend but this concept is so very true.  I could give you a laundry list of the good things about it, however the negative is simply that it can get expensive.  It feels like Darth Vader is stalking my life every time I look at my bank account after a lovely weekend at the Short Hills Malls trying on everything imaginable!  This is one of the many reasons why I love rompers.  Unlike with pants, shorts and skirts where you need a top, blouse, tank, sweater or shirt to pair it with, with rompers it is just one item.  Simple, mindless and looks great when evading any storm troopers!  The bonus with rompers is that any jet setter will tell you that you never have enough room in your carry-on, but with a romper you have just saved yourself so much space to fill with other options.

I fell in love with the lace detailing of this romper.  Throw on some pastel heels and grab a clutch, and you are ready to go.  Sometimes it is the little things that bring me the most enjoyment.  Rompers are definitely ones of those things.  So get out there, grab a romper you love, find your next journey, and may the force be with you!


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