April Showers



  1. UMBRELLA: MoMA Sky Umbrella || 2. TOP: similar || 3. SHOES: Jessica Simpson Women Cheetah Platform Heels  || 4. SKIRT: Diane Von Furtstenburg Yvan Skirt || 5. WATCH: Michael Kors Women’s Bradshaw Black Watch || 6. EARRINGS: handmade by a friend (similar)

As a type A, independent woman I like to think that I can control things.  Constantly I am proven wrong, especially when it comes to the weather.  At times like this I try to look at these opportunities as lessons for myself.  The weather has taught me to always be prepared.  I keep an umbrella packed in the trunk of my car, which is shown here, and another at my house at all times.   The risk of rain ruining my look is one no girl should ever under estimate.

As we all know, the weatherman is not always accurate.  That is probably to be expected since men have a tough time with the ebb and flow of moods that surround them, let alone the change in weather!  If they started with weatherwoman we might not have this problem, but I digress.

I did not intend to do this post in the rain, but like many things in life that are unplanned I ended up loving how it came out!  The umbrella added a fun colorful accessory to the outfit, which proves that it was a good idea to splurge those extra dollars on cute umbrellas.  It is fun to look cute regardless of the things you cannot control, so bring a few options and always carry that umbrella for it will not be long until the weatherman may rain on your parade.


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