Date Night With Datebox

Love is an amazing thing, it can sweep you off your feet, melt your heart and have you enthralled with someone who you might have just met.  After those first date butterflies wear off and the honeymoon period of that new relationship is over, it is easy to find yourself constantly in sweats on other sides of the couch asking “which series on Netflix should we binge watch tonight?”.  The magic is gone.  Listen, it happens to the best of us so do not fault yourself because most couples experience this at some point in time. Experiencing it is one thing, but never getting out of this state of relationship boredom is another!

That is where Datebox comes in.  This company sends you monthly date boxes to help you grow your relationship and bring back the magic. They send you everything you need for a fun, creative, unique date night. Their moto: your relationship matters.

A monthly subscription of Datebox is $39.95 with shipping, $109.37 for three months, and $197.76 for six months.  When you look at the contents of the box and the time and effort spent creating it, I find that this is a great value.  Remember, your relationship matters so you need make it a priority and invest the time and effort to show that it matters to your partner.

Let’s put it this way, we are all busy, we are all guilty of lacking creativity every now and again and that is why Datebox is a godsend.  Let them do the thinking and let you and your significant other have fun doing something different.

This is what March’s Datebox looks like:


This box contains everything you need to bake and decorate cake pops and paint two canvases.  What a cute idea!  Keep a look out on my next blog post for a full review of how this cake pop date night went.



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