Date Night With Hello Fresh

It is emotion, mood, and a meal that make a normal night a lasting memory.  It is a memory that separates the best dates from all the others.  They stick with you like glue, remembering the smell of a spring night, the music as you danced, or the wine you enjoyed while time was stopped and that night became more than a date night, it became a forever memory.  Creating a magical moment like this is no easy task but with a little instruction and some shortcuts I think you can put one together and not break the bank while doing so.

The first step is always having a plan and making it fit your schedule.  You need about 30 minutes to prepare everything to make this date night one to remember.  Pick up a bottle of wine, or ingredients to make your significant other’s favorite cocktail and a nice centerpiece for your dining room table.  I purchased a candle, but you could also pick up their favorite flowers or heck if you want to go crazy, get both!  You will also need speakers, or some way to play music.

The second step is making it specified to that special someone.  I printed out a printable from Dating Divas, and set out a bottle of wine and outfit for my boyfriend, Collin, to wear once he got home.  I figured after a long, hard day a work this would be a nice gesture for him to come home to.  This is a great spin off of the photo I found on Pinterest that I mentioned in Men’s Guide to Stealing Your Heart.


Then I set the table and lit one of my favorite candles I bought from a quaint boutique, Homessence, on my trip to Saratoga Springs, NY called Rewined.  They take old wine bottles and recycle them into candles. They have become one of my favorite hostess gifts to buy!  I highly recommend checking them out!

I tried to ensure everything was set up not only to save time, but also to show the time and effort I put in planning this special date night.  I even brought my portable Bose bluetooth speaker to set the mood for the evening.  A beautiful quote by Lisa Schroeder from Chasing Brooklyn describes it perfectly:


I put on a playlist of songs that held a special memory and meaning in our relationship to remind us of all those great memories that we have shared.IMG_5866

The third step is an activity.  I decided to create our own cooking class in the comfort of our own home.  Thanks to Hello Fresh, I was able to have a recipe and food delivered to my door! No need to research a new recipe and go to the food store, instead food at my fingertips! This allowed me to still go to work, pick up the dry cleaning, do yoga, shower, and set all this up before Collin got home.

Check out my prior posts Hello Fresh and Hello Fresh Part 2 for more information about this ingenious company.  You can use this as an affordable “cooking class” Valentine’s Day date that I mentioned in Men’s Guide to Stealing Your Heart.  One of Collin’s favorite things to eat is steak, so I knew the Quick-Marinated Steak recipe would win his heart if I had not already.

I made sure that I selected a level one recipe so Collin, whose cooking skills are improving but still at the novice level, would be able to follow the recipe without feeling overwhelmed or starting a fire.  (Yes, that has happened before.) I planned out the night to ensured we would still have time to watch our guilty pleasure, Shameless.


Collin was presently surprised when he got home.  He showered and changed into the outfit I laid out for him while I poured us both a glass a wine.  Wine makes every day a better day!  Then we set out working together to create a fabulous meal as we danced and to our song, Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls, in the background.

Collin creating orange juice after he zested the peel
Collin’s contribution to the meal, orange zest and orange juice
Sipping wine while the steak marinates and vegetables bake
Our finished product
Cheers to a job well done, and doing it together

This was a wonderful night spent together.  Not only did we end with a delicious meal, but the feeling of accomplishment and companionship.  No meal is complete without dessert, so I picked up cannolis, Collin’s favorite, from our local bakery.  Life is too short to not have dessert!


To this day, this is one of my favorite dates.  It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day to day activities, but it is important to make quality time for one another.  Showing each other that you care and appreciate them is a priceless gift.  I did not have to spend much time or money to create this memorable date, but the look of utter surprise and delight on Collin’s face when he saw the note and his clothes laid out with his favorite bottle of wine, is a vision that will be ingrained in my memory forever.


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