Snow Survival Tips

Snow makes me feel the same way as waking up on Christmas morning, happy.  That little girl smile that my mother so cherished when I was opening up gifts as a child comes out in full force the moment I see the snowfall.  There is nothing more magical to me than snow, it makes me giddy inside just thinking of all the fun activities that I can only do when a snow storm has come my way.  The activities are endless, if only there were enough hours in a day to do them all. During winter storm Jonas I did my best to experience just the right amount of relaxation and fun activities that I so enjoy during a snow storm.

I started the day off by making homemade organic chicken soup and turkey chili in my crockpot. There is something special about a home filled with the smells of food and starting a crockpot early gives you that great aroma throughout the day.  A crockpot is any busy cook’s best friend.  It is so easy to throw everything in and five to seven hours later you have a house filled with delicious aromas and a tender, savory meal.

Turkey Chili

giflabWhile the food was cooking I opted to begin my snowstorm activities with one of the more popular choices, I caught up on Netflix.  Most people just binge watch episodes of Making a Murderer or House of Cards, but I like to add a twist to my Netflix binge type of afternoon. It began with idea I found online.  We played Netflix Binge Challenge  from a website called Dating Divas which I mentioned in previous post, Men’s Guide to Stealing Your Heart.   The rules are that whenever an episode ends, the “loading” screen appears, or you need to pause the show for any reason, you must complete a task before resuming the show.  The tasks range from staging the most romantic kiss you can dream up for at least one minute to placing a blank piece of paper on top of your head and trying to draw each other’s portrait in two minutes.  My boyfriend, Collin, and I had a blast.  Here is the photo of his portrait versus mine.  I will let you be the judge of who won this round!

Portrait on the left is Collin’s of me, portrait on the right is mine of Collin

A snow day would not be complete without some fun in the snow.  Collin and I grabbed a six pack, snow saucers, and some friends and headed in search of a private hill.  We hit the snow sledding jackpot by finding the perfect downhill slope with no one in sight!  The best part about sledding is that you get to count it as a gym day because walking uphill in snow gear is a calorie burner for sure.  We lost track of time and kept sledding until the sunset, but I guess that is what happens when you are having an amazing time.  The sun had set, and it was time to go home, we opted to warm up at a local Irish pub.  There is nothing better to order on a snowy day filled with activities than an Irish Coffee to warm you up.



Looking back on all these snow days from the age of five to 15 to now, there is one thing I have learned and that is, the essentials for a perfect snow day are good food, great activities, best friends, and that will always lead to lots of fun.


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