Men’s Guide to Stealing Your Heart

Valentine’s Day means love is in the air and nothing represents that more than the efforts that men and women go through to show each other affection.  A ritual we have all experienced for years or decades can sometimes become bland or mundane.

Luckily for you men out there, I have come up with four great ideas to help spice up any relationship this valentine’s season, and for the women out there, I would not blame you if you made this the homepage for that loving boyfriend of yours.

The first thing you need to know is that nothing shows you care like effort and thoughtfulness.  Anyone can buy things, but creating memories and showing you care will win over that special person in your life.

My first idea is something I found on Pinterest years ago and kept it.  Keep track of that dress in the window she has always stopping to stare at, notice those earrings she tried on months ago, and find that special restaurant she loves.  You will need all these things for my idea.  Make those reservations, buy those items in the window, and surprise her with a note telling he to meet you downstairs when she is ready for her night of fun to begin.

I always said I would fall for a man that was this thoughtful and would do something like this for me.  Then again, who wouldn’t?!  A man that shows his affection is what most girls are dreaming of.  Men, if you do all this you are in the fast lane to a spectacular night. She will be swooning over you and the night has not even begun!


Another great idea is a Bad Day Box.  I got this idea from Dating Divas and their moto is strengthening marriages, one date at a time.  What a great concept!  This idea is not limited to your significant other; I have made a box for a friend, father, and boyfriend.  It is a box of positive thoughts and objects that can turn any rainy day into a sunny one. Again this shows thought and takes time to write individual notes of encouragement, love, and inspiration to brighten your loved one’s day.  Here is a photo of the box I made for my boyfriend.  I added a bunch of his favorite things like an airplane bottle of Captain Morgan’s tied to bottle of CocaCola, beef sticks, candy, gift cards, Star Wars Pez,and others that all have meaning specifically to him.  This can be a low cost idea that strikes just the right cords with the one you love this Valentine’s Day.

If your significant other likes to cook consider taking a cooking class together.  However, I do not recommend taking the trek up to Hyde Park, NY to go to the Culinary Institute of America.  I took one of their boot camps, and it was just that…a boot camp.  It felt more like work, and was not an enjoyable experience.  However, I did a cooking class at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan and to this day it is one of my favorite dating memories.  It is the memories that you will make learning something new together, laughing as you make mistakes, and the accomplishment you will get from doing something as a couple that will make the day a special one.  That is as long as you do not light the kitchen on fire.  If that is the case, it will still be a memory but with smoke alarms going off, and you might need to order take out.

Pretending to look like I am having fun at the CIA Boot Camp

I saved my favorite for last, a scavenger hunt of clues on a day filled with adventure.  This is my favorite because it leaves plenty of room to be creative and make this as personal as possible.  You can make it as affordable or expensive as you would like.  An example I recently gave to my friend for his girlfriend was to present her with the first clue about taking her to a movie that she has been dying to see.  From there present her with a second clue and move to a place for some healthy competition such as Pole Position, Barcade, or Adventure Rooms.  Loser buys a round of drinks, but make sure you let your loved one win!  Next clue can lead to her favorite restaurant or home to cook them her favorite meal.  To make it extra special pick up her favorite dessert, flower, and alcohol ahead of time to have it ready when you arrive.  If you are cooking you can slow dance to their favorite song while preparing.  Try to make each clue creative and personal as possible.  Add inside jokes, memories, and take pictures along the way to save that surprised look on her face forever.

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Serendipity and it goes,

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.56.37 PM


Do not be afraid to show passion for your loved one this Valentine’s Day and every day becauses it is that passion that you will be remembered for!



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