Finding Comfort in Uncomfortable Places



DRESS: Free People || LEGGINGS: Banana Republic || BOOTS: Chinese Laundry from T.J. Maxx || CLUTCH: Theory (similar) || HEADBAND: Forever21 (similar)

Finding an outfit to wear that is just the right amount of stylish and comfort is not always an easy task, especially when you are traveling.  Finding comfort in uncomfortable places is an important part of being fashionable.  If you are uncomfortable than you could miss out on the important things like the smell of fresh baked bread at the local bakery or seasonal window displays around town.  Instead, you will be thinking how much your feet hurt and wishing you would have worn something else.  Comfort in fashion has its place and sometimes that place is front and center.

When looking for comfort you cannot go wrong with leggings.  One of my favorite quotes is:

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.58.30 PM

Therefore, anytime I can get away with wearing leggings…I will.  By pairing leggings with thigh high boots and this dress, everything gets pulls together for a nice chic look which is perfect for shopping and sightseeing.  I always receive many compliments on these boots. Just the other day while at brunch a woman told me that she was not stalking me, but her and her husband could not stop staring at my boots!

Just make sure to protect your footwear, so you do not make the same mistake I did. Getting caught in a rainstorm is not an ideal situation for suede.  In order to prevent the weather from raining on my fashionista parade, I purchased Aldo’s suede protector which keeps my boots in pristine condition come rain or shine. Just be careful when applying the protector because the fumes are intense.  I recommend spraying it outside or in your garage with the door open!

You may always look amazing in that little back dress but at some point those high heels and sleek dress become a bad choice.  Make sure you make the right choice when it comes to fashion and comfort, otherwise you will turn into the girl that is walking down the street barefoot wearing her boyfriend’s coat to keep warm.  It is as if the clock struck 12, but instead of Cinderella’s coach turning into a pumpkin it was her shoes!  Be sure when you are traveling that you pick the perfect balance of comfort and style.  Traveling is NOT the time to break in a new pair of shoes!  Remember that barefoot is only a good look for the beach!



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