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If you cannot tell so far, I love to plan things.  When I had the opportunity to visit my girlfriend in Saratoga I was over the moon when she suggested that we go boarding on Gore Mountain.  I had never been and it is regarded as one of the best mountains to ski along the east coast.  My eyes widened as they always do at the thought of planning a trip to a new place.

Trying to be thrifty, I looked ahead at the prices and saw that they offered a ski pass from 4pm-9pm for $29.  Knowing we wanted to get our beauty sleep and grab brunch this was perfect, in theory.  We loaded the car and set out for our hour drive to Gore Mountain for an evening of boarding.  When we got there we noticed a lot of people were leaving, which we thought was great news for us!  We even got a parking spot in the closest of the 4 lots and I thought this must be my lucky day!  We geared up and walked to get our lift tickets only to discover that they mountain was closed.  My eyes were wide but this time out of shock and surprise.  The night session was down the road at some place called the Ski Bowl.  Lesson number one, always read the fine print!

We drove down to what they called the “Ski Bowl”.  There was one small lift on what I would call a hill because if I can see the top of it from the bottom then it is disqualified as a “mountain” in my book.  I walked up to that lonely ski lift with my fully pouty face on in disappointment that that my first time to Gore; I would not be able to experience the Gore-geous views of the Adirondacks from the top of the 32 open slopes.  However, since it was only my girlfriend’s third time snowboarding I knew it would be perfect for her so I told myself I would make the most of it.  There were about eight trails open.  We snowboarded from 4pm-8pm and got in about 25 runs since the “hill” was empty.  This was great because my friend Katie could fall wherever and however she wanted and not get run over by other people.  This is important since our last time out we ended early on the account of whiplash and an Urgent Care visit.  Snowboarding can be a contact sport with the ground in the beginning. However on our last two runs Katie never fell!  We looked at each other and though that accomplishment deserve a drink and on to the bar we slid.



We passed a cute place on the way out called Basil & Wick’s and decided to check it out.  It was packed, which is always a good sign!  All of the locals were wearing the same Sorel boots as my friend and I, another great sign!


We were able to snag two seats at the bar in front of a television so I could catch the tail end of the Patriots game.  The Patriot’s win was just a foreshadow of how my luck was about to change.  Immediately I saw a beer sampler of four shot glasses in a short ski.  We ordered two of those to quench our thirst.  They had a good selection of beers to choose from.  One local beer called Bear Naked, but I was not a fan.IMG_5816

For appetizers we ordered the Asian Lettuce Wraps which were exceptionally delicious.  It actually surprised us because we were only expecting bar food, and had our expectations rather low.  We complimented the bartender on the food, and he said that he just had an order in the back.  For entree I ordered the Farmhouse Pulled Pork Sandwich and Katie ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich.  All sandwiches came with potato chips.  French fries, sweet potatoes, and onion rings were an extra charge.  We decided to split an order of French fries because we are notorious for not finishing our meals.


While we waited for our meals we made small talk with a group from West Chester that visit the area often.  They were Packers fans, so I tried to football smack talk them with the minimal knowledge of football that I have.

Portions were plentiful when the food came!  We devoured our food as if it was our last meal.  Tasty and satisfying with room left over for a liquid dessert to warm us up.  My favorite go to, an Irish Coffee.  I asked the bartender how good their Irish Coffees were and she said they were amazing.  Well she was NOT lying.  It may have been in the top three I have ever experienced.


When she brought them over to us she told us that one of the local men we were talking to bought our first round.  He was starting to put on his coat to leave so we thanked him.  He said he did not know what we were talking and acted as if he did not buy our round.  We were very confused.  Our bartender came over to us once he left and informed us that he did not just buy our first round, but he picked up our entire tab.  This was definitely our lucky night!  We learned that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry but when you are with your bestie, awry can be a hell of a lot of fun!




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