Eating My Way Through Saratoga Springs

Every morning when I wake up my first thought is, what I am going to eat today?  To say I am a little bit of a foodie would probably be an understatement.  This creates two tumblr_n9uaruxXSh1rvsoq2o1_500
problems, first I always need to try new places and second the treadmill at the YMCA might as well say Alexis.  The upside of needing to burn a million calories a day is that I get to find hidden gems wherever I go.  It takes time and effort in finding a great new spot.  Every time I find a place that is unique and would frequent, it is like finding Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.  Max London’s in Saratoga Springs is one of those spots in life that I counted as my spot.  Well actually I should say “our spot” since I found it while visiting my friend Katie who lives in this quaint upstate New York town.

We had the most amazing brunch experience at Max London’s on my last visit.  Now maybe it was the mimosas, but we left skipping down the street like we really were invited to the chocolate factory.  My desire to return was paramount.  I wanted to indulge on such a great experience once more and catch up with my good friend, just as we had before.  Unfortunately my plans foiled like those videos of people who thought they won the Powerball, only to realize they were watching yesterday’s numbers.  Something had changed!  The signs were the same, the location exact, but the experience was vastly different.

Our server was friendly and greeted us with water and menus.  My girlfriend and I ordered two specialty cocktails, per the server’s recommendations. I thought we were off to a stupendous start.  I ordered the blood orange cosmo and my girlfriend IMG_5826ordered a champagne spritzer.  We decided on the spicy tuna tartar for an appetizer, the lineup was shaping up nicely.  We were presented with a bread basket of cold bread and I should have known right then that something was a miff.  Local produced olive oil and balsamic vinegar was displayed on each table.  The dipping oils were a nice addition, but they could have won me over by warming my bread.  Our beverages came and were not stingy on the alcohol!  The champagne spritzer was light and refreshing.  The blood orange cosmo assisted me in making the perfect duck face from its bitter flavor.  Although it was bitter, the stiffness of the cocktail eventually put me in a euphoric mood so I cannot say it was the worst of things.

Sipping my way into my euphoric mood

The spicy tuna tartare was the biggest disappointment of the meal.  Fisher tasting than I would have liked my tuna tartare, which had me questioning how fresh the fish was.  The flavor was lacking.  For someone that likes a nice kick to their meals, but by no means do I like my taste buds to burn off, there was no kick.  It was more of a foot tap.  Not something I would recommend ordering.

For entrees I ordered the apple salad with chicken and my girlfriend ordered the beet salad

Apple Salad

with chicken.  The portions were plentiful.  We both had enough to box and take home for lunch the next day.  I am not much of a beet person, but my girlfriend seemed to enjoy her salad.  The apple salad was delicious.  It was served with four large pieces of fresh manchego cheese on top of a bed of arugula, apples, marcona almonds, and serrano ham.  Overall a fair experience, but because I set the bar so high this visit was more of a letdown than anything else.  Good thing we brought along Cody and Ryan our drinking buddy Drink Markers to keep us entertained.  They are always good for a laugh when the experience is less than previously expected.


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