Finding A Deal


imgresCould not have said it better if I tried! Between working three jobs, hanging out with friends, and writing this blog I need to maximize my time.  Finding parking spots and long lines at checkout with idiots behind the counter incapable of solving any problems makes me more irritated than a bra strap knifing into my back.  For my sanity and upper back, I decided a long time ago that online shopping should be a road more travelled.  No matter where or how I shop, the most important thing in my book is ALWAYS getting the best deal possible!

To ensure that I am getting the best possible price I truly believe online is the way to go.  It allows me to price compare but simple googling the product’s name as opposed to traveling from one store to the next.  This saves a ton of time and keeps my sanity to a maximum by avoiding the headaches of the mall.  However there is one downside, shipping.  Be sure you look at the cost of shipping, sometimes an item can be cheaper at one place but they will gouge you $10+ in shipping and handling fees.  I always look for free shipping or the price point to qualify for free shipping.

Once you have found the store with the lowest cost, I use my secret weapon, coupon codes for that particular store.  The website I tend to use the most often is Retail Me Not to find the best discount for a particular store.  Take it next level by downloading the app for your phone.  If you are out shopping you can even pull up the store on the app to see if they have any coupons to use in store.

The only risk to a wonderful shopping experience is that wireless router connecting you to all your favorite clothing stores.  I tend to live life on the edge and trust that box that connects me to any webpage in the world, but if it ever fails me it is a short drive or walk to Starbuck to continue my shopping spree.   However, that would require a bra, so maybe I will just call my loving boyfriend to fix this thing while I sit here with this glass of wine.

Happy Shopping!


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