Off To the Races

If you are looking for a place to escape and experience the unique combination of nature’s beauty, a historic atmosphere mixed with fine food and art, then Saratoga Springs is the place to go.  The city of Saratoga is unlike any other in the Northeast.  Its roots are embedded in the colonial American heritage that is very common to the Northeast, however the infusion of local arts and the establishment of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center has driven this community to embrace a vibrant artisan culture.  The city is located roughly three hours north of the New York City metro area, but the difference in surroundings could not be more apparent.  With natural springs, tall pines, and miles upon miles of hiking trails, a day in nature is a must when visiting.  While all this makes Saratoga a cute town to visit, its horse racing season that really separates Saratoga from any other place in the world.  The track is only open for six weeks in the summer and it is the main event during that time.  Bring your fancy hat, best blazer, and a little luck with you when you visit.

Winning ticket and cutest champagne bottles at the Saratoga Race Track

Fortunately, I planned my own little escape to this wonderful place later this month, and I could not be more excited.  When best friendsstreet-artist-her-chalk-design-sidewalks-downtown-saratoga-new-york-young-female-chalks-broadway-springs-58962817 move away it always sucks, but when they
move to cities you enjoy visiting it makes it a whole lot easier.  So when my best friend moved to Saratoga I let her know that I would be visiting her regularly.  Every time I visit her I love checking out new restaurants, quaint little shops, and hiking trails.  Walking along the streets at night you will find artists drawing with chalk on the sidewalks or spewing fire from their mouth.  Careful with you wallet around those magicians, they can make anything disappear!

Let’s not forget the food.  Mmmmmm, the food is one of the best parts.  Druthers and Max London’s are two of my favorites.  Druthers Brewery is best during warm weather due to the rustic, homey feel of the outdoor seating area.  Their mac and cheese is a must try! Portions are large so wear your Joey Tribbiani Thanksgiving pants.


I could sit at the bar of Max London’s all day. All of the ingredients used at Max

London’s come from local farmers and purveyors, which they list on their website.  They make majority of their sauces, teas, ice creams, mozzarella in house!  All of their juices are fresh squeezed and their bloody mary is one of the best around.  Their bartenders have a wealth of knowledge and should be given a grammy for their patience with me because I give them the third degree every time I am in there.  What can I say, I am naturally curious and inquisitive!

Bar at Max London’s

I cannot wait to see what new places I have the privilege of experiencing on my upcoming trip!  I will be sure to trot on back here and give you the low down.


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