Glass House Tavern, an Off Broadway Performance

Whelp, Yelp was accurate.  Glass House Tavern receives a 3.5 star rating from me.   TripAdvisor you led me astray!  While the staff and service was friendly and attentive, I can see why Zagat only rated it a 19 out of 30 for decor.  Lastly, I was not fortunate enough to see any performers from the show, which by the reviews I read said they frequent this place from time to time.

Glass House Tavern at Times Square New York
View of our table from outside
The view of the bar on the first floor

We were greeted promptly by a well-dressed hostess that showed us to our table upstairs overlooking the busy streets of Manhattan.  The decor was

Our table

modern yet dull.  There was nothing quite memorable about it.  Our server came over with a cocktail menu.  A lover of wine with the desire to try one of the seasonal cocktails that the reviewers of Yelp and TripAdvisor raved about, I decided on the seasonal sangria.  We were give three assorted warm rolls (white, multigrain, and whole wheat) with four soft pads of butter, while given time to look over the menu.  This was one of the few highlights of the dinner.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when you get cold bread with cold butter which you cannot spread.  I was disappointed when I did not see the crispy truffle risotto balls on the menu because this was the item that various patrons mentioned in their reviews and I was so thrilled to try!    I asked our server and he explained that they are on the bar menu, but he would be happy to put in an order for us.  I would give the service here five stars for friendliness and be so accommodating.

Crispy Truffle Risotto Balls

The sangria came with two raspberries and a blackberry on top.  It was refreshing and satisfying.  Upon review of the menu we decided against the pre fixe dinner for $39 because we wanted to try the risotto balls, which was not part of it.   I selected the salmon and my boyfriend chose the Seafood Spaghettini.

Our entrees came out quickly.  The salmon was warm but not hot. We found them to be filling but not succulent.  The risotto balls were my favorite food of the evening.  We decided against dessert due to the lack of selection. Would stop in again for appetizers and cocktails, however I would try someplace new for dinner.  That is unless Jean Valjean was there, then I’m ordering seasonal sangria’s while singing show tunes all night and this Yelp review turns from a 3.5 to a 5 real quick.





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