But What Would I Wear?!


DRESS:  Friends + Lovers || SHOES: MayKool (40% off) || UMBRELLA: Urban Outfitters (similar) || CLUTCH: JCrew (similar) || JACKET: Zara (similar) || RINGS: H.Stern and Hidalgo || BRACELETS: NADRI crystal wavy banglewavy crystal pave bangle, and pave bangle

          Every time I need to get ready for an event I think of the scene from Howca049c19f13ea825133dbe051a25107a the Grinch Stole Christmas when the Grinch gets invited to be Holiday Cheermeister at the WhoBilation One-Thousand Celebration. Deciding what to wear is often harder than planning what to do.  The weather also plays an important factor in that.  Although it rained for our trip into New York City, we didn’t let that put a damper (no pun intended) on our evening.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.34.21 PM

I chose this dress over the short velvet dress mostly because of the weather, cold and rainy.  Plus, you can never go wrong with black!  The sheer lace back, cut outs, and thigh-high slit added just enough flirty and feminine detail to make this the perfect dress for my night in the city.  I paired it with black faux-suede heels with bow ankle straps and a ruffled white polka dotted umbrella to compliment the flirty feminine feel.   To jazz it up I selected a glitter clutch to match my gold jewelry because when in doubt, always add glitter!  I received many compliments about my outfit along the streets of New York and at the theater.  Nothing like compliments from a complete strangers to make your day!

This evening was nothing short of amazing!  For those of you that have not seen Les Miz I strongly recommend it, however do not forget your tissues.  I went through an entire travel pack in addition to my boyfriend’s scarf.  That goodness for dry cleaning!

Check out my next post for reviews on Glass House Tavern.




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